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East Baton Rouge Parish is a community with immense potential, but it is currently grappling with significant challenges that require urgent attention. These issues are not just hindrances; they are barriers to the prosperity and well-being of our residents. To move forward, we need strong, positive leadership committed to addressing these problems head-on. Here are the critical areas that need immediate focus:



One of the most pressing issues facing our community is the high level of violent crime. According to a recent report by The Advocate, "Baton Rouge has experienced a troubling increase in violent crime rates." For too long, we have ignored this scourge on our community, often prioritizing the rights of violent criminals over the safety of law-abiding citizens. It is imperative that we take a proactive approach to enhance public safety. This means investing in our law enforcement agencies, ensuring they have the resources and training needed to protect our citizens effectively. Additionally, we must foster stronger community-police relationships to build trust and cooperation. We must also invest in our infrastructure to build facilities that will incarcerate violent criminals, provide space for youth offenders, and offer mental health services when appropriate. Addressing the root causes of violence will help provide safer environments for our families.


Traffic congestion and deteriorating infrastructure are daily frustrations for many residents of East Baton Rouge Parish. Our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair, our drainage system is poorly maintained, and we lack a visionary masterplan for the future. To alleviate traffic woes, we need a comprehensive infrastructure plan that includes road repairs, bridge maintenance, drainage maintenance, and the development of alternative transportation options. Investing in our infrastructure not only improves daily commutes but also boosts economic growth by making our region more accessible and attractive to businesses.


We must continue to bring our community together through education. Everything we are as a community emanates from our education system. Over years we have worked hard to build and update our facilities with neighborhoods and communities of interest at heart. The reconstitution and construction of Liberty Magnet High School (Formerly Lee High) and Istrouma High School were both important element of rebuilding our system based on the broad communities that support them. The construction of the New Jefferson Terrace Academy of Excellence and our Career Technical, CTECH facilities are examples of how our district is working to provide opportunities that are based in need an in community. Our "Building for Academic Excellence" program has provided 21st Century learning environments, while keeping children and their families closer to home and neighborhood. The recently passed final phase of our tax plan will complete the process of upgrading our schools and providing additional resources for our educators and our students.


Economic development is critical for job creation and overall community prosperity. However, East Baton Rouge Parish has not seen the level of economic growth it needs. We must prioritize attracting new businesses and supporting local entrepreneurs. This includes creating a business-friendly environment, offering incentives for startups, and investing in infrastructure that supports economic activities. Additionally, workforce development programs can ensure that our residents have the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow. We need to create an economic development engine for our community and stop depending on outside organizations with separate agendas. By focusing on economic development, we can create a thriving local economy that benefits all residents.

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